Obviously Lyrics

2023 West End
The Great British Bake Off Musical - Obviously Lyrics

The song is written by Pippa Cleary and Jake Brunger.

Everyone is so polite
All "nice to meet you",
"Love that dress!"
But there's something underneath
The smiling no one will address
There's a prize to be won

BABS: (spoken)
It's like a cosy little family!

And I'm not here for fun

DEZZA: (spoken)
We should start a whatsapp group!

IZZY: (spoken)

The tent's so innocent
So little, British country fete
Don't let the gingham fool you;
It's a battle on a plate!
I'm not here to make friends
I'm herе for ten out of tens!

Winning? Oh, it hadn't crossеd
My mind, 'cause

Obviously, I will be going all the way
Obviously, I'll shine
They'll drop off like flies
'til I snag the prize
So let the competition begin
I'm here to win!

PAM: (spoken)
Mmm, smells good Izzy

IZZY: (spoken)
Thanks Pam, love the necklace by the way!

PHIL: (spoken)
Mmm, what's all that
Green stuff in your shortcrust?

IZZY: (spoken)
This? Oh, it's a rare Moroccan fungi
Mixed with semolina and polenta
Infused with the blood of small Venetian vole...
You know, start with something simple!

Always the straight-A student
I don't come in second place
If there's a marathon
Believe me, I'm gonna win that race!
No one gets in my way
(Hey! Get out of my spotlight!)
You can sashay away!

At the final when I take on the crown (Ahh)
The judges will cry tears of joy
Then I'll guest on Loose Women
And design my own linen
And Beyonce will be my best friend!
'Cause feminism's so on-trend, 'cause

Obviously, my profile will go through the roof
Obviously, I'll soar
My strawberry jam is big on the 'gram
These other peeps can get in a bin!

I'm here to win! (Obviously)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, (Woah, woah)
Win! (Obviously)
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
(Who is she? She's Izzy!)

I'll go to LA
Open a cupcake takeaway, (Go girl!)
Meanwhile in Harvey Nix
I'm the new face of Magimix, (ooh)
I'm woman of the year! (ooh ooh)
A baking pioneer
So watch this competition
'Cause Izzy's on a mission!

Obviously, I will be going all the way, (Whoa, whoa)
Obviously, it's me m-me m-me me, Izzy! Ah!
Bake Off will be the making of me
The best contestant there's ever been!

I'm here to win! (Obviously)
Yeah yeah yeah, (Woah, woah)
I've got kitchen aid with my name on
So game on...

KIM: (spoken)

IZZY: (spoken)
Oh, sorry! Was that out loud?

I'm here to win!

KIM: (spoken)
Bakers, step away from your

I'm here to win!

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The Great British Bake Off Musical Lyrics

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