All the Way Lyrics

2023 West End
The Great British Bake Off Musical - All the Way Lyrics

The song is written by Pippa Cleary and Jake Brunger.

Now, for this week′s showstopper
We're looking for an iconic skyscraper
Fourteen stories high
With three moving elements
And an ice cream lift shaft
Sorry, did you say ice cream?
I certainly did!
In this heat?
We are British, we are great
But Kim!

Are we connecting?
The heat is unbearable
It′s sweltering
Will my jelly set?
My bench is soaking wet
And I'm dripping sweat
And it isn't even nine A.M!

Keep it together
Don′t fall apart
′Cause of the weather
Gotta pump it full of grenadine
My Pisa's gonna lean
I′m making them a Blackpool tower
With red ice cream!

But I can go all the way
Pam and Phil are gonna see
I'm not gonna fail today
I won′t let the heat get to me
I know I can make it through
So everyone at home can proudly say
That I went all the way

Hi Gemma!
Hi Ben!
After you
No, no, no, after you
I think we'll all be needing the freezer today!
Oh, absolutely!
I wish I could just rip off all my clothes
And jump right in!
God, I′d love that!
MY clothes, I mean! Not yours!
Oh, Jesus!

It's not ideal
The gelatine will just congeal
But there's nothing we can do
To stop the heat
Feels like we′re in Crete
You might have to put your head
In the fridge

Every tower
Is bound to collapse within an hour
But if she adds a bit more flour
It won′t turn into slop
Two hours left 'til you can stop

But I can go all the way
Are you sure that′s thin enough?
They'll marvel at my display
Did you use filo or puff?
But how can I make it through?
And work with ice cream
On the hottest day?
And still go all the way

Bakers, you have fourty minutes left!
Time is ticking
And I′m fretting
Gotta get it in the oven
Is it sticking?
Is it setting?
And my icing's being stubborn
Time is ticking (My crème pat)
And I′m fretting (Is melting)
Gotta get it in the oven
(Gotta check it is solid)
Is it sticking? (My custard)
Is it setting? (Has curdled)
And my icing's being stubborn
(I've had a little horror)
Time is ticking
And I′m fretting
(Rise my beauty)
Gotta get it in the oven
(Rise, my little cake)
Is it sticky? (It′s your duty)
Is it setting?
(Rise, for heaven's sake)
And my icing′s being stubborn
(Small cake, please grow)
In the oven, you must go

Yes, you can go all the way
God of cake, to you we pray
You lie on a baking tray
Will you rise?
(Will you rise, will you rise?)

Feeling the heat, Barbara?
Oh, mind your own beeswax!
No way. Knock Knock
You what?
Come on, knock knock
Who's there
Ice cream
Ice cream who?
I scream when you get my recipes wrong
See what I have to put up with?

Hold on a minute
The freezer, my ice cream isn′t in it
Are you trying to say
That it's been stolen? (stolen)
Why has it been stolen?
This has happened before!
Oh, yeah
In season five (No, it was four)
It′s quite suspicious
Her ice cream was ever so delicious
But someone's clearly gone and
Sabotaged, was it espionage?
How could the cameras not have seen?
Oh, wait!
I think this might be your ice cream!
No, what?
It's a nightmare!
It′s a runny goo!
What′s she thinking?
What's she gonna do?

No, don′t put it in the bin
That is not the way to win
You're a baking heroine
When in doubt, bake from within
But how, it′s impossible
I've got some ice cream spare
That you can use
Me too, me three (really?)
It′s not too late to try and fix
You choose
(I can do it, I can save my tower!)
You've still got a quarter of an hour

Russell are you okay?
No, not really!
Suddenly the tent's looking bleary
What′s he gone and done?
Russell sliced his thumb!
Someone call an ambulance
This is a bake off emergency!
He′s losing blood with quite some urgency!
Someone's gonna have to replace him
But who on earth could ever replace him?

Yes, I can go all the way!
And this time I′m gonna stay
Yes I-I'm gonna make you pay
Stand aside, out of my way!

This is the moment
I hope I′ve nailed every component
I really think that I could win it
I've got a show stopping exhibit
You′ve only got a minute
I reach the top come what may
So I can stand up and say

I can go all the way (Aah!)
I can see the finish line
Yes I can go all the way (No!)
Even though we're out of time
I came with a strategy
But now it's a tragedy
I really thought today would be my day
I really thought today would be my day
Yes, I′ll go all the way!

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The Great British Bake Off Musical Lyrics

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