Grow Lyrics

2023 West End
The Great British Bake Off Musical - Grow Lyrics

The song is written by Pippa Cleary and Jake Brunger.

When I was little my nonna would bake
Italian dottie she taught me to make
Panettone, Panafforte,
The family recipes blowed
I loved marottottie, my favourite of all
A sweet creamy brioche rolled into a ball
But this was a bun that demanded attention and time
I'd sit by the oven engrossed in the dough
And nonna said darling just watch it grow, grow, grow
Bun in the oven grow, grow, grow
Bun in the oven grow

Italian family is big like our food
And I always knew that I longed for a brood
So when I met Mike I said strap yourself in for a ride
So we started to try, we tried for a year
Then we went to the doctor and she made it clear
It wouldn't be easy but we were determined to try
So out went the biscuits
The food and the bread
We signed up to yoga,
Ate kale on our head
And made love so often the neighbours
They had to complain
And then came the Christmas, the NHS away
And I jabbed in my belly like three times a day
With my legs in the air
Mike would cradle me closely and say
Grow, grow, grow
Bun in the oven grow, grow, grow
Bun in the oven
We're waiting for you to grow
But life as we know it has other ideas
And one day of March I'd be drowning in tears
So I picked up my penny
And found myself fighting to beg
And it helped with the pain knowing
I had a form of escape
As I rolled out the doors to their childhood shape
I was calm
Grow, grow, grow
I finally had some control
Something that I could make grow
I used to believe that you'd grow
But now I've replaced you with dough
If Mama could see me
I'd want her to know
Her recipe saved me and taught me to grow

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