My Dad Lyrics

2023 West End
The Great British Bake Off Musical - My Dad Lyrics

The song is written by Pippa Cleary and Jake Brunger.

I'm applying for a place in the tent
On behalf of my dad, his name's Ben
And if men could be scored out of ten
Then my dad would be nine... and a half
He loses half marks 'cause his icing is sloppy
And his fondant too wet
But I bet he would be so much better
If he could get a less wetter technique

But if my dad was on your show
I know he would kill it
People say he's a baking pro
He would definitely win it
But he needs a makeover
Bake Off, please take over
Stop him from wearing his denim and plaid
Please pick my dad

BEN: (spoken)
Hey! I like this shirt
It was my grandad's

LILY: (spoken)
You can tell!

BEN: (spoken)
Well go on, carry on

LILY: (spoken)
No, that's it

BEN: (spoken)
There's loads more, I can see

LILY: (spoken)
No really, its just waffle

BEN: (spoken)
Go on, give it here. It can't
Be that bad! Unless... you've told them
About my Elvis impersonation?

LILY: (spoken)
Trust me, no one needs
To know about that

Dear people who pick the contestants
I need you to know
I'm so worried he's let himself go
Since mum passed away
He spends every day in his shed with his tool kit...

(spoken) I don't!

Yes you do!
'Cause mum was the glue
Now he's falling apart

Tells his friends he's fine
But I know that's a lie

'Cause I still hear him cry

But if my dad was on your show
You'd see he's amazing
And if Mum was still here, I know
She'd stand up and praise him
'Cause dad did everything
He washed every sock
And he cared round the clock
Did his best just to stop her from being in pain

And I know that he'd do it again
So, Great British Bake Off producers
My dad is the best, hashtag blessed
And its true, together we have our fun
But I wouldn't mind if he met someone
Then maybe, he wouldn't be sad

Please pick my dad

LILY: (spoken)
Best wishes and regards, Lily...
Age, nine

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