Freaky Friday - What You Got Lyrics

A new musical based on the classic Mary Rodgers novel and the hit Disney films
FREAKY FRIDAY the Musical - What You Got Lyrics

I'm uptight and neurotic
I crave complete control
But baby, I do magic with just a mixing bo-ow-owl
I somehow stay this skinny while baking giant cakes
Guess that's just my jam
Lincoln started dancing in place.
Jam is who I am
I do
You do
What it takes!
You use what you got
Yeah, what you got
I'm badass at the cooking
I'm pretty damn good looking, right?
Tell me that I'm not
I'm one annoying human
But give me sage and
I'm one hot shot
You bake your cake with what you got
Now Leni here is nervous
I snap, and Leni freaks
He showed them one of Leni's pies.
But look at her meringue,
They're the perfect little peaks
She acts like I'm the boss
He glanced at the readers.
We both know it's not true
He winked.
I dictate like a jerk, she somehow makes it work
"I do?"
Lincoln smiled, "You do."
Leni smiled.
Yes I do!
Lincoln grabbed her arm and spun her around.
'Cause that's what you got
It's what you got
Leni started dancing along with him.
What I got!
By now, the other ladies had started to dance too.
Lincoln: Rabbit-like reflexes
Leni: (Ooh!)
The key to our successes
Leni: (Ooh!)
You keep this kitchen hot
Ladies: (Hot, hot, hot!)
If I get all the glory, the credit goes to Leni
'Cause I do squat
And make it work with what you got
What you got!
Leni: What I got!
Ladies: You! What you got!
Leni: What I got!
Ladies: You!
Lincoln stopped dancing for a moment to tell them all something.
Tomorrow I will marry a man that I just met
Ladies: (Ooh!)
The wedding is insane
The cakes, the best you'll get
Ladies: (Ooh!)
I'm cold and I'm withholding
And put that in your butt
He put his arm around Leni.
But give this girl a knife
And then hold on for dear life, 'cause she can cook!
Ladies: Yeah!
She can cook!
Ladies: You...
Lincoln: You use what you got!
Yeah, what you got!
The ladies seemed to be having fun.
"She's pitchin', baby, hear it?"
"I'm lovin' her free spirit!"
"Right?!," Leni smiled.
Lincoln smiled.
That's what I thought
My new rosies and pretension!
Leni: You're judging a dimension
Lincoln: But throw it in the pot
Lincoln grabbed Leni's hands and spun her around.
You bake your cake with what you got!
Ladies: (What you got!)
What you got!
Ladies: (What you got!)
(Ooh! What you got!)
What you got!
Ladies: (What you got! Ooh!)
All: Make it hot!
Lincoln: With what you...
Ladies: (What you...)
What you...
Ladies: (What you...)
What you...!
Ladies: (What you...!)
All: What you got!

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