Freaky Friday - Parents Lie Lyrics

A new musical based on the classic Mary Rodgers novel and the hit Disney films
FREAKY FRIDAY the Musical - Parents Lie Lyrics

So after another conference,
"I can't believe you got us in trouble again!," Lola yelled.
"You started it by tripping me with your stupid heels!," Lana yelled.
"Why don't you just go live on the farm with Cliff?"
"No, you go to the farm with Cliff!"
"Lori, make Lana/Lola go to the farm!,"
"Neither of you are going to the farm!
Cliff's not even there! Don't you get it?,"
"Get what?,"
Parents lie
It's sad, but true
Mine lied to me
Yours lied to you
I lie to you
They say there's no monster there under your bed,
But who knows?
It's not like we search
And no one likes broccoli, we're all bad at flossing
And everyone's sleeping in church
And Cliff the cat's not at a farm
Cliff is dead
And Lori's not wrestling with Bobby in bed
And Santa Claus...
"...just forget what I said."
No, Santa's the shiz
And Santa knows just how it is
Oh, parents lie
Because they can
So, learn the truth
My bright, young girls
They lie with words
They lie with hugs
Parents lie
They lie like rugs
And parents will tell you you're great and special and stuff
When clearly, you're not
They say that one day, you'll feel normal
But that's not enough, it's not by a lot
They'll hold you and tell you they love and they care
But they lie when they tell you they'll always be there
I know it's upsetting, but life isn't fair
And parents die
They tell you they won't, but they lie!
Oh, parents lie
It's hard to hear
It's hard to say
It's true, I fear
It's fine to cry
It's sad, I know
That parents lie
But parents lie
So come on, here we are
"Let's go."

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