Freaky Friday - Women and Sandwiches Lyrics

A new musical based on the classic Mary Rodgers novel and the hit Disney films
FREAKY FRIDAY the Musical - Women and Sandwiches Lyrics

Women and sandwiches,
They always surprise.
They're more complicated
than burgers or fries,
or guys.

Women and sandwiches,
some are cold and some hot.
But take what they offer,
And you will learn a lot.
You're doubtful and dreadful
They've burnt you before.
But trust me my brother,
You'll line up for more.
For they may be crusty,
or salty, or sour.
But women and sandwiches
always have the power.

And sometimes there's a sandwich
with the taste that disagrees.
That maybe makes you angry,
Gives you agita, the quease.
But go with it at least a while,
And soon it's not so strange
With time and understanding
taste can change.

Women and sandwiches,
Like chocolates and wine.
Sometimes the strange ones
are just the most fine.
You look at the outside,
the face or the bread.
You don't know what's there
in that roll or that head.
But odds are you'll like what's inside
For you all,
Women and sandwiches,
I so love them all.

And sometimes there's a sandwich
That you looked at just one way,
Then it suddenly surprised you,
Say a lot, and saved today.
And then asked you to do something
that you thought was just a cheat.
The explanation wasn't so complete.
But still in all it's just a simple feat.
So maybe you should help her cause she's sweet.
And her brother's pretty neat.

So, you dropped the metaphor.
And you're just talking about a woman
at this point.
That's what's going on here, right?

You got me.

Well, long may their heavenly mysteries live!
And all of the joys and the sorrows they give!
Wherever we weirdos,
We wishing men roam,
Women and sandwiches.

Women and sandwiches.

Women and sandwiches.

Will always bring us home.

Should we get out of here before the cops come?

Brilliant, mate!

Briliant, mate.

[Thanks to Annie Li for lyrics]

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