Freaky Friday - Just One Day (Reprise) Lyrics

A new musical based on the classic Mary Rodgers novel and the hit Disney films
FREAKY FRIDAY the Musical - Just One Day (Reprise) Lyrics

Tomorrow is the wedding and tonight is the rehearsal
But there's been no sign of Lori,
She's been gone all day
And I tried to make decisions,
But I haven't got her vision
So I covered all the tables with a mesh tulle

Clyde: Seriously, what's the deal with Lincoln?
Liam: He's become a total Stinkoln
Zach: And never to be trusted
Rusty: No, not anymore

Lana: Lori lies and Lincoln's cruel
And they're mean to us at school
Lola: And there's nobody who gets us,
So we're out the door

Just one day and not one more
'Till the wedding celebration!
That's the day we waited for
The masterful creation!

"We'll sit down for dinner soon.
I'm sure to bride will be down any minute.
We gotta rehearse, right?"
Now where's our darling, Lori?
And where the deuce has dinner been?
This dinner's a disaster, that's the story here

Where the heck is Lincoln?

Where the devil's Lori?

"I'm here!"

Lincoln: Just one day
I did my best
A disaster, but I faced it
One short day, one giant test
And it isn't like you aced it
Lori: Just one day and I had thought you might have coped
Lincoln: And I tried to get the hourglass,
The treasure that you missed
Lori: Just one day I needed
Lincoln: And you couldn't even figure how to get it on the list
Lori: That was all we needed
Now show some grace
Lincoln: Now we're almost at the wedding,
And these guests won't go away
Lori: And put on a pleasant face
Both: For just one...
Lincoln: Stupid!
Lori: Lovely!
Lincoln: Crappy!
Lori: Thrilling!
Lincoln: Stupid!
Lori: You already said that!
Both: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Just one day and we can't wait
'Till you both walk down that aisle
Just one day of joyous light
Photographer: Hey everybody, smile!
Though the dinner may have met a delay
It's the wedding we've been waiting for
In just one day
Just one hungry, thirsty day
Just one...
Where's the dinner?
Just one day!
(Just one day!)
Just one daaaaaaaaaaaay!

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