Freaky Friday - Today and Every Day Lyrics

A new musical based on the classic Mary Rodgers novel and the hit Disney films
FREAKY FRIDAY the Musical - Today and Every Day Lyrics

"Oh God."
"What if this means..."
One day's now everyday
That we're stuck like this forever
If I had known,
I never would have wished the way I did
I want to stay a kid, and not a grumpy grown-up
With this make-up and this dress
The pressure and that Bobby
Oh my God, it's such a mess
I never even got to see life flash before my eyes
It just went away
Now I'll pay
Today and everyday
If today is everyday, I will hold you and protect you
I won't let this thing affect you
Lincoln: But we both know that we're screwed
Lori: With that kind of attitude...
There's this whole long life I'll never live
My college years and more
And all that I'll go through again that hurt so much before
I want to make things right again and tell you it's all fine
I just don't see a way
To make this all ok
Today or any day
Lincoln: Or every everyday
Lori: Today and everyday
"We have to tell Bobby."
"Just...walk up there and dump him?"
"Like ripping off a bandage."

Lincoln: The long walk down the aisle
Lori: Should we nod and wave and smile?
Or let them know disaster struck?
Lincoln: God, this aisle's like a mile
I'm glad you're here with me
Lori: I'm sure Bobby will see
You're not the woman he once knew
And I can never be...
"Dearly beloved..."

"This is so much harder than I thought it would be. It's just..."
"Bobby's a great person.
And I didn't want another great person to be in our family."
"I was wrong. It turns out he does belong in this family."
"But I still can't go through with this. Even though, I love you."
"...say that again."
"I love you."
"I love you,"
"Lincoln, listen to me."
Today and everyday, I will be here, I will love you
I will put no one above you
'Cause I love your messy hair
And I love your grumpy glare
The way you dress and all your mess
I love them through and through
Whatever makes you happy, I want for you, I do
I'm telling you, it's true
'Cause Lincoln, I love you for you!
And you know I love you for you!
Lori: And all the crazy things you do
Both: You know that I love yooooooooo...
"Is that really you?"
"Lori, I'm so sorry."
"You should never, don't be sorry."
"If you thought I didn't love you..."
"No, I know it and I love you!"
It took this day
It took this day
Lincoln: Today
Lori: Today
Both: Today and everyday!
Now at last we're un-enchanted,
I will not take you for granted
And I'll cut us both some slack
Both: 'Cause I'm glad to have me back!
Lori: I know you won't be perfect,
But I won't be such a witch
Lincoln: We'll both forgive each other,
Now won't that be a switch?
Both: We'll know each other,
You and I, and secrets we'll both keep
Things we'll never say
Lincoln: Oh, stupid sweet cliche!
Lori: Just one more quick display
Both: We'll live our way
Today and everyday
"You need to go get married."
"I do."
"I told you, you would never believe me...
...but it really happened."

Both: I'll love you just this way
Today and everyday
Today and everyday
All: Today and everyday!
"So, you're probably wondering about a few things like,
How did the wedding reception go?"
It starts today!
"We made the cover story for Weddings Magazine.
My catering business quadrupled overnight!"
Today and everyday!
"They love my seven-layer bars!"
It starts today!
"His best man speech murdered!"
"I got my license to practice couples therapy!"
Today and everyday!
"I'm going to Yale on a fast-track PhD program. Eat my dust!"
It starts today!
"I went to Swedish camp and started a band!"
"I put my foot down..."
"Excuse me!"
"Excuse me! I'm the narrator! You guys! HELLOOOOOOOOOO!"

"I got this."
"You and me, Loud! This summer. You and me."
"I failed gym, which means summer school."
"I have to do summer school, too.
If you want, I can give you a ride."
"That...would be cool.
"For a minute, it looked like you were gonna make out!,"
"Come on, I made you a suit so you could be in our show!,"
Just one day
(Today and everyday)
Just one day
(Today and everyday)
Just one
Just one day!
(Today and everyday!)
Today and every
Lori: Every!
Lincoln: Every!
All: Today and every...

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