Mrs Henderson Presents - Rubens and Renoir Lyrics

2016 West End
Mrs Henderson Presents the Musical - Rubens and Renoir Lyrics

"Performed by Ian Bartholomew (Vivian), Lizzy Connolly (Doris), Lauren Hood (Vera) & Katie Bernstein (Peggy). The song is written by George Fenton, Simon Chamberlain and Don Black.

Girls look around we are surrounded by wonderful hearts
Rubens Renoir Raheal where does one start
Let me explain why these great work will write to the heart

Oxfen Rubens honoring his news
His artistic aim is true
A lovely wide eyes
Follow you around the room

And her lovely wide bum does too

Torres who did this one
Oh well that one is by Renoir
Other colours cascade
You certainly knew his stuff
See how he captured these fine pastel shade
Ans spend half of his life with young girls in a buff

What a laugh what path
That he got paint everywhere
Behold the three graces
Raphael at his best
So graceful in every way
She be just as graceful
She wore a vest
Those three were led astray
Imagine if you were adorning these walls
Girls from a bygone age
Now imagine the cheers
From the circle and stores
At our three living gracing adoring the stage
Rubens Renoir masters of light and shade
Rubens Renoir leaders what progress they made
Rubens Renoir was some great men who loved getting laid
Please Doris a little decour
You can have all the decour you like Mr Vandam
I’ll do it, take it, bravo!
Doris Al Gerard said
Taken off while I give
Must we work quite a bit I say
Showing all what we got
Fearing it didn’t start that way
Am I going to go if the weightress around
Don’t turn your back or they’ll all get a fright

Hey madam how much
30 bubble week
30 bob this what a week
30 bob a week
You just have to get on lust
15 shillings just to show your bum well
7 and 6 per breast
I promise the lantern won’t be too bright
I’ll keep the lights turned low
Even with them off it wouldn't feel quite right
Come on veira
Oh well alright then
I’ll give it a go
Ooh ooh we’ll give it a go
Be an artiste in my own right
No cabinet no self esteem no
Dutchie dile I’ll
Show great art night after night
What you think about Cavaleny
Georgy know me as memory recalls
It amuses how how our future looks bright
Gucci and Dolce and and Giovanni that I can
Say they all have a job
Look at these beauties that are adorning these walls
Look at renwa now we want you to be revealing our own hollow
Hore Rubens Renoir we’ll be sharing the balcony soon and store
Raphael Renoir think of the girls and just imagine if
Rubens Renoir were alive today
Makes it feel like a matinee may never miss a show they
Would feature everyone of us
Glittering stars that’s Rubens and Renoir
The great men of all

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Rubens and Renoir lyrics Mrs Henderson Presents

Mrs Henderson Presents the Musical Lyrics

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