Mrs Henderson Presents - Perfect Dream Lyrics

2016 West End
Mrs Henderson Presents the Musical - Perfect Dream Lyrics

"Performed by Emma Williams (Maureen), Lizzy Connolly (Doris), Lauren Hood (Vera), Katie Bernstein (Peggy), Tracie Bennett (Laura), Lord Cromer, Lady Conway & the Windmill Girls. The song is written by George Fenton, Simon Chamberlain and Don Black.

What a perfect dream
I was on cloud nine
I was on cloud ten
With the vintage [?]
What a nice sao much fun
Feel it-Feel it-Feel it-Feel it-it
What’s the testing
I have done

It’s a perfect dream
I felt so [?]
It’s hot in the cubes
And the birthday suits
Feel it like [?]
I can’t wait until the second
I can’t wait until the second show

I’ve ever felt so proud
I was so impressed
We have all been blessed
So get undress
What it caused what it [?]
And to think it started
With a dream

It’s wake-up call to the establishment
You have more than nice than nation
You have heightened bridge
State of art. This is a vintage year.

You were so sublime
You shall just enough to
Elicit admiration
There’s nothing wrong with [?]
Now let’s have a souvenir (smile)

We felt amazing , exciting and free
We will [?] the [?]

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Perfect Dream lyrics Mrs Henderson Presents

Mrs Henderson Presents the Musical Lyrics

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