Mrs Henderson Presents - Ordinary Girl Lyrics

2016 West End
Mrs Henderson Presents the Musical - Ordinary Girl Lyrics

The song is written by George Fenton, Simon Chamberlain and Don Black.

Ordinary girl
With no fanfare, no fuss
My two feet on the ground
I don't feel I've missed the bus

An ordinary girl
And proud to be like this
My quiet days and nights
That's my idea of bliss
Being ordinary suits me fine

I'm an ordinary girl
With an ordinary life
It won't be long before
I'm an ordinary wife

With some ordinary kids
In an ordinary flat
Ordinary friends
And ordinary cat
Just an ordinary person passing through

Ordinary girl
Ordinary ways
Happy to be spilling cups of tea
That's ordinary me

Ordinary girl
Don't be daft my dear
Why be just a wife?
You could have your own career

My ordinary girl
There's no need to hide
If you have a little think
Then you might just decide
To live an extraordinary life

Extraordinary girl
It's one thing to pretend
But being centre stage
Is hard to comprehend

Much too much for such an ordinary girl
Well, let's just wait and see
No more making tea
I suppose it might be possible to be
Extraordinary me

[Thanks to Izzi for lyrics]

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