Mrs Henderson Presents - Women at War' Medley Lyrics

2016 West End
Mrs Henderson Presents the Musical - Women at War' Medley Lyrics

"Performed by Sarah Bakker, Rhiannon Chesterman, Victoria Hay (The Windmill Girls). The song is written by George Fenton, Simon Chamberlain and Don Black.

Welcome back [?] lost lost
[?] from that one the Russian
[?] European [?] revealastic ages
It’s October 1948.

We all do to keep this country afloat
The same good old England
Brings a lump to the throat
We know that fight is worthless
We know all [?]
We’re proving everyday that
We [?]

You can’t feed a family
On four ounces of ham
One fresh egg and just
A muscle of jam
We are all four Russian
Dog taste like beans
But even [?] more than just
2 ounces of cheese
When the [?] like to feel a woman again
[?] pink and pretty
And the [?] by a man
The City in a kitchen
Leaving all the lights on

We [?] no sleep, we share a sheep,
And we milk the cows. We laugh, we cry ,
Stare at the sky it’s bloody awful law
What the hell is it for
Where is that fee for [?]
How much can it take much more?

We put make up
When do we [?]
We are prettier than a disco club
Broken tables broken glass
Sorry girls there’s no time
To relax

We gotta make it up
Women driving tanks
Women building ships
Clearing landing strips
Plowing fields, picking crops
How long now?
Before this madness stops

We’re fighting for our freedom
So we’re gonna be free
And when I get that [?] free
We can be
Their hearts will do it right
Our hopes won’t be denied
Feels [?] show that
To show that and side by side
If this country doesn’t call women
Women women [?]

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Women at War' Medley lyrics Mrs Henderson Presents

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