Mrs Henderson Presents - We'll Never Close Lyrics

2016 West End
Mrs Henderson Presents the Musical - We'll Never Close Lyrics

"Performed by The Company. The song is written by George Fenton, Simon Chamberlain and Don Black.

I must face the fact
That time now hurries by
One day it’s October
The next day it’s July
It feels late when it’s early
I don’t move so fast
Suddenly i see the carnival has past

Now it’s not the time
To let such thoughts begin
I’ve already lived it
The world she’s living in
I have dreamed young lover’s dreams
Felt those highs and lows
And that scented memory
Never really goes

How i long to feel
Those thrills again
Climb those imaginary
Hills again
But it’s my time of life i’m aware
It’s ok to look back
But you must instead

Now it’s not the time
For walks around the park
Listening to the radio
Getting home by dark
I was quite a looker
When i was in my pride
I’m old enough to know
Of that was long ago
But this is now
And now is not the time

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We'll Never Close lyrics Mrs Henderson Presents

Mrs Henderson Presents the Musical Lyrics

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