A Bronx Tale - Nicky Machiavelli Lyrics

Broadway 2016
A BRONX TALE the Musical -
Nicky Machiavelli Lyrics

"Nicky Machiavelli" is a song from A Bronx Tale the Musical performed by Nick Cordero (Sonny) and Ensemble.

Nicky Machiavelli
Let me tell you what he said
You wanna use the reigns of power
First you gotta use your head
Nicky knew all the angles
Nicky laid it out real clear
You gotta choose fear or love kid
You gotta choose love or fear
Nicky's number one secret
Was availability
That's why I'm here on this corner
Right where all the world can see
All my friends they sleep easy
Knowing that I'm always near
My enemies know it too though
It ain't about love it's fear
And as far as those friends go
Nick said just a real short leash
Treat me well, but eh not too well
Keep em in your debt, capiche?
Give em too much they won't need ya
Give too little and they'll sneer
You wanna know what to give em?
The answer ain't love it's fear
Franky, Tony and Jojo
Look at how it is with them
Sure you think those fella love me?
Think again says Nicky M.
I make a joke they start laughing
Hell they nearly stand and cheer
I'm funny, but I ain't that funny
That laughter ain't love it's fear
So then which one is better
Me I take my cues from nick
Kindness looks a lot like weakness,
Even when you spread it thick
Money can't buy you friendship
Love can always disappear
But fear is cash in the bank kid
Fear puts gas in your tank kid
And now you got Nicky to thank kid
Forget about love, choose fear
Listen now what I tell ya
This advice is you know who's
Love or fear
It's up to you kid
But you live with what you choose
Nicky told me his secret
I owe the guy my whole career
So now I think it's up to you kid
You're gonna choose love
Or fear

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Nicky Machiavelli lyrics from A Bronx Tale the musical

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