A Bronx Tale - These Streets Lyrics

Broadway 2016
A BRONX TALE the Musical - These Streets Lyrics

"These Streets" is a song from A Bronx Tale the Musical performed by Richard H. Blake (Lorenzo), Nick Cordero (Sonny), Lucia Giannetta (Rosina) and Ensemble.

When did it happen?
How did I lose you?
Why did I stand there and let that man use you?
I won't watch it happen.
Son, I refuse to.
I was there on the morning you first saw the light.
I carried you on shoulders,
Tucked you in bed every night.
Taught you how to play ball,
And watched you grow tall.
I've still got it all inside.
And no matter the cost,
I won't let that be lost.
Son, these streets won't take you away from me.
No, these streets won't break up this family.
No how.
I won't lose you now.
Not to these streets.

CALOGERO: (speaking)
What was I gonna do, Dad?
Run away? Make them think I got no heart?

LORENZO: (speaking) No heart?

LORENZO: On these streets, you mean nothing.

Trust me, they don't care.

CALOGERO: (speaking) You don't know Sonny.

LORENZO: (speaking) I know how he thinks!

Mess up once, watch what happens.
They'll leave you bleeding somewhere.

CALOGERO: (speaking) You're wrong. Sonny trusts me!

There's no honor, no trust.
They do what they must.
They'll kill if it's justified.
They'll make you a pawn in their war.

CALOGERO: (speaking) C'mon, Dad

LORENZO: You were meant for much more!

CALOGERO: (speaking) Yeah? What was I meant for?

LORENZO: (speaking)
I don't want you to have to look over your shoulder all the time,
Or owe anybody anything.
I want you to have a better life than that.

CALOGERO: (speaking)
Like yours?!
We got no car.
No money.
We got nothing!

LORENZO: You've gotta look to your heart, Calogero!

CALOGERO: (speaking) What am I gonna be?
A bus driver like you?!

LORENZO: Don't you get trapped here, be smart!

CALOGERO: (speaking) Sonny's right!

LORENZO: Calogero!

CALOGERO: (speaking) The working man is a sucker!

LORENZO: Calogerooo!

CALOGERO: (shouting) He's a sucker!!

These streets, they'll take you away from me.
'Cause these streets, they'll break you eventually.
You'll lose.
So wise up and choose.
Remember the promise you made,
Don't let your life be mislaid.
You promised me.
Promised meee!!
Look to your heart!!!

WISE GUYS: Roll 'em. Roll 'em.

SONNY: Roll 'em, C.

ROSINA: Lorenzo!

WISE GUYS: Roll 'em!

LORENZO: Calogerooo!

WISE GUYS: Roll 'em!

SONNY: (speaking) Hey, C, c'mon.
I need ya to throw my dice.

ROSINA: Listen to me!

WISE GUYS: Roll 'em!

LORENZO: Remember the promise you made!


WISE GUYS: Roll 'em!

SONNY: Come on and come with me!


ROSINA: Lorenzo!

WISE GUYS: Roll 'em!

LORENZO: Calogeroooo!

SONNY: (speaking) C! C'mon, Ii need ya.

WISE GUYS: Roll 'em!

LORENZO: Son! Look to your heart!

WISE GUYS: Roll 'em!

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These Streets Lyrics from A Bronx Tale the musical

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