A Bronx Tale - Look to Your Heart Lyrics

Broadway Musical (2016)
A BRONX TALE the Musical - Look to Your Heart Lyrics

"Look to Your Heart" is a song from A Bronx Tale the Musical performed by Richard H. Blake (Lorenzo) and Hudson Loverro/ Athan Sporek (Young Calogero).

LORENZO: Fifty-six games in a row. Can't best that.

CALOGERO: That's the record, pop!

LORENZO: Marryin' Marilyn Monroe.

CALOGERO: Ho, ho, ho!

LORENZO: Tip your hat. The best-


LORENZO: He made it look easy, but the Yankee Clipper, man, he stood apart.


LORENZO: Because of his heart.

CALOGERO: Because of his heart!

LORENZO: Look to your heart. Hey! Who won the last triple crown?

CALOGERO: Mickey Mantle!

LORENZO: Yeah. The Mick. With aim that could tear a man down.


LORENZO: So what's his trick?

CALOGERO: Well he's strong and fast and-

Oh, sure. The man's gifted. His gifts, though, are lifted by what he had inside right from the start.
I'm talking 'bout heart.
Look to your heart.
Being a man means you take what you got and you use it.
No, it ain't easy, but use it with honor and pride.
Somebody shows you a shortcut, you smile and refuse it.
The one road worth taking starts right here inside.
Picture the man you could be.
Then aim true.
If you get lost, look to me.
I'm here for you.
You've got a future.
Son, I can taste it.
You can be anything once you embrace it.
Just use your talents and don't you dare waste it.
Promise me right now that you'll be smart.

LORENZO: (speaking) You understand what I'm sayin', son?

CALOGERO: (speaking) I think so.

LORENZO: (speaking) The saddest thing in life is wasted talent. Promise me you won't waste yours.

CALOGERO: (speaking) I promise, dad.

[Thanks to Beth for lyrics]

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Look to Your Heart Lyrics from A Bronx Tale the musical

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