A Bronx Tale - The Choices We Make Lyrics

Broadway 2016
A BRONX TALE the Musical - The Choices We Make Lyrics

You said that you had things to teach me.
And now, I see it all so clear.
We're led, each moment that we live in,
To the only choice we're given.
Will we live by love or fear?
And you, you knew it's never easy.
It's never black or white,
Just shades of grey.
All we do, is face up to those choices,
And obey our inner voices
And hope we find our way.
And all the choices we make
Will shape our lives forever,
Ev'ry path we take
When push comes down to shove,
Ev'ry moment counts.
It's always now or never.
And although, god knows,
You chose the life you chose,
I'm here because, just once,
You chose to love.

CALOGERO: (speaking)
Dad, what are you doing here?

LORENZO: (speaking)
I'm here to pay my respects to your friend, son.
Thanks for saving my boy's life, Sonny.
I never hated you.
I guess I just never forgave you for making my son grow up so fast.
May God have mercy on your soul.

And now, your whole life lies before you.
It's time that you become a man.
You'll know how,
Just look at what's inside you,
And let your talent guide you
Like I've always known you can.

And all the choices we make
Will shape our lives forever,
Even one mistake
Can tear your world apart.
But we have a bond
That nothing's gonna sever.
Through the good and bad,
The happy and the sad,
Everywhere you go

LORENZO: Look to your heart.

CALOGERO: (speaking) I love you, Dad.
And I'm sorry if I ever hurt you.

LORENZO: (speaking) I love you too, son.

CALOGERO: (speaking) I left the neighborhood after that.
It wasn't the same without Sonny.

LORENZO: This is a Bronx Tale. It's just another story.

CALOGERO: (speaking) I had to say goodbye to Jane,
But she'll always be my first great one.

JANE: This is the kind of tale. That makes you laugh and cry.

CALOGERO: (speaking)
I went out into the world
And I kept my promise.
I became somebody.
I owed that to my parents
And to Sonny.

ROSINA & LORENZO: Out on the street
They're singing it together.

They'll be singing it forever.
You can hear 'em if you try.


CALOGERO: (speaking)
I still come back from time to time.
The neighborhood's changed, and so have I.
But I will never forget what I learned from these two men.
The saddest thing in life is wasted talent
And the choices you make will shape your life forever.
But you could ask anybody from my neighborhood
And they'll tell ya,
This is just another Bronx tale.

And all the choices we make
Become part of our story.
Ev'ry joy and ache,
They're never truly gone.
Ev'ry name, ev'ry face,
All the hope, the tears, the glory,
Ev'ry stoop and street,
Each win and each defeat,
The sinners and the saints,
The sweet and bittersweet.

And when the tale's complete,
You've chosen who you are.

CALOGERO: And those choices you made.


This is a Bronx Tale.
And that's my story.
The world I lived in.
The people I knew.

DOO-WOP GROUP: Doo-oo-oo!

It's just a Bronx Tale.
And like they all do,
It happened here
On Belmont Avenue.

FULL CAST: Woah-oh! Woah-oh!

DOO-WOP GROUP: Doh-doh- doo!

[Thanks to Hepsybeth for lyrics]

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