A Bronx Tale - Look to Your Heart (Reprise) Lyrics

Broadway 2016
A BRONX TALE the Musical - Look to Your Heart (Reprise) Lyrics

Picture him at seventeen.
Go on, try.
Looks that could rival James Dean.
Girls would cry.
Played sax, great dancer.
And what a romancer!
But I saw something more there from the start.
That boy had heart.
God, he had heart.

CALOGERO: (speaking) Dad played the saxophone? Really?

Think that he didn't think big?
Sure he did.
Dragging that horn to each gig.
Bright-eyed kid.
That dream, he chased it.
So close he could taste it.
And ev'ry note he played,
A work of art.
Straight from his heart.
Boy, he had heart.
Ask me what happened?
Well really, it wasn't dramatic.
You came along,
And were kind of a sorta surprise.
Somehow the sax ended up in a box in the attic.
I'll tell you the reason:
One look in your eyes.
Each day he gets on that bus.
No one cheers.
Know why he does it?
For us.
All these years.
Sure, he's tough.
You can't budge him
But don't you dare judge him.
Unless you judge him by his greatest part:
Look to his heart.
Then look to your heart.

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Look to Your Heart (Reprise) Lyrics from A Bronx Tale the musical

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