Coronation Chorale Lyrics

1963 Broadway
The Girl Who Came to Supper the Musical - Coronation Chorale Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Noël Coward.

A Coronation is spectacular
And though, as pageantry, not easy to improve on,
To coin a phrase in the vernacular,
We wish to God they'd get a move on.
We hate the weight
Of our robes of state
And we'd sell our souls
For some nice hot rolls
Or the smell of a Chelsea bun.
We rise at dawn and put our ermine on
And then we squeeze into a freezing open landau,
To lift out trains with all this vermin on
Requires the muscles of a Sandow,
With stays too tight
We sit bolt upright
In a rigidly unyielding pew,
Even British oak
Gets beyond a joke
When you've sat on it from nine till two.
Part of a royal education is
To be resigned
To your behind
Becoming numb.
The worst of every coronation is
We always wish we hadn't come.

Here we sit exquisitely bored,
Hear our stomachs rumble
As we watch late-comers stumble
Up the nave.
Good Lord!
Look at Cousin Maud,
Someone should have given her a shave.

Here we all elegantly squat
Praying that Aunt Xenia
Won't give way to Schizophrenia
Great Scott!
Look at what she's got
Dragging from the bottom of her train.

It's all so wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,
It's like the most entrancing fairy tale I ever knew,
Diamonds, rubies and pearls,
As I can't quite believe it's true
How can I explain it to the girls,
They'll think that having got into some awful scrape
I'm trying just by lying to forget
And when I start to tell about this sable cape
They'll gape,
You bet.

Here we sit dummies in a row,
Heaven knows how many
Of us long to spend a penny
But we're stuck
And so
Though it's touch and go
We shall simply have to trust to luck.

It's all so wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,
It's the most lovely lovely lovely sight I'll ever see,
All this glitter and gold,
In my heart this will always be
Something to remember when I'm old,
I'll think of it each time I see a summer sky
However sad and weary I may grow,
And every year another lovely June goes by
I'll sigh
It was so wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,
But it was long-long ago.

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The Girl Who Came to Supper the Musical Lyrics

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