I'll Remember Her Lyrics

1963 Broadway
The Girl Who Came to Supper the Musical - I'll Remember Her Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Noël Coward.

I'll remember her,
How incredibly naive she was,
I couldn't quite believe she was
So alert,
So impertinent
And yet so sweet.

My defeat
Was clear.
I'll remember her,
Her absurd exaggerating
And her utterly deflating
And the only thing that worries me at all
Is whether she'll remember me.

I'll remember her
In the evenings when I'm lonely
And imagining if only
She were there.
I'll relive,
Oh, so vividly,
Our sad and sweet,

I'll remember her
Heavy-hearted when we parted,
With her eyes so full of tears she couldn't see
And I'll feel inside a foolish sort of pride
To think that she remembers me.

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The Girl Who Came to Supper the Musical Lyrics

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