Curt, Clear and Concise Lyrics

1963 Broadway
The Girl Who Came to Supper the Musical - Curt, Clear and Concise Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Noël Coward.

Curt, Clear and Concise
Is the way that a lady should be.
I am not a perfectionist who seeks the sublime,
All I ask is a woman who won't waste my time.
I'm frankly sick to death of females who procrastinate,
Who guard their virtue like a sort of holy grail,
I much prefer the type who's willing to co-operate,
Smack on the nose,
Band on the nail.
Coy maidens who shed
Bitter tears at the thought that they might be misled
And who faint dead away at the sight of a bed
Soon find out that my parting advice
Can be curt, clear and concise.

You must forgive me, Northbrook,
If I should philosophize,
At moments such as these
I find myself at ease,
In matters of the heart I'm sure our points
of view indubitably harmonize,
You're quite a connoisseur.

You're flattering me, Sir.

I feel that really
You look on sex clearly
And factually
Which saves you quite a lot of time and tears,
You have an air,
Libertine debonair.

Well, Sir actually
I've been engaged for nearly seven years.

You must excuse me, Northbrook,
If I seem to minimize
The prevalent idea
That sex should be austere,
I've always had a notion
Sensual emotion
Was a cracking bore
And as I mentioned before,

Curt, Clear and Concise
Is the way that a lady should be,
She should not sentimentalize the physical act
And believe she can dodge biological fact,
I think it is behaving really indefensibly
To take exception to an amorous advance,
Give me the kind of girl who mutters comprehensibly,
Off with the lights.
On with the dance.
Though moralists say
That it's better to honour and love and obey
I have found that a casual roll in the hay
Without bridesmaids, confetti or rice
Is more curt, clear and concise.

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The Girl Who Came to Supper the Musical Lyrics

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