Cinderella Lloyd Webber - SYNOPSIS

2021 West End
CINDERELLA Lloyd Webber Musical - Synopsis

Act 1

The town of Belleville, France, full of beautiful inhabitants, prepares to be awarded "Most Attractive Town" for the 50th year. The Queen's beloved, flawless, firstborn son, Prince Charming, has died in battle against a dragon; his younger brother, Prince Sebastian, is shy and gawky. The Queen builds a memorial statue in honor of Charming and the 50th year. At the award ceremony, the statue is presented but has been vandalised, causing Belleville to lose the prize and breaking their winning streak ("Buns 'N' Roses"). The townspeople blame the local misfit, Cinderella, a rebellious, goth, loud-mouthed maid ("It Has to Be Her"). They gag her and tie her to a tree in the woods ("Bad Cinderella"). Prince Sebastian, Cinderella’s only childhood friend, arrives to rescue her and teases her for getting tied to a tree again. They catch up and discuss Sebastian’s new status as heir to the throne, and Cinderella's hard childhood after her parents' deaths. After Cinderella leaves, Sebastian reveals that he secretly loves and misses her ("So Long").

At home, Cinderella's vain stepsisters, Adele and Marie, quarrel and complain that Cinderella makes their lives difficult; the Stepmother threatens to kick her out of the house if she causes any more trouble ("Unfair"). Cinderella hopes one day to run away from Belleville, but she stays because she loves Sebastian, though she feels unworthy of him ("Unbreakable"). Meanwhile, Sebastian goes to the Hunks' Gymnasium for his workout ("Hunks' Song"). In panic about the town losing the prize, the Queen decides that, to save the town's reputation, she must throw a Royal Ball on Saturday, inviting every girl in the kingdom; there Sebastian must choose a bride. She dismisses his objections and compares him unfavourably to Charming ("Man’s Man").

In the town square, Sebastian tells Cinderella about the royal wedding and blames her for it. They argue, but Sebastian asks her to be at the Ball ("So Long (reprise)"). Sebastian wonders why he cannot tell Cinderella his true feelings ("Only You, Lonely You"). At the Palace, the Stepmother visits the Queen, and they recall their youth ("I Know You"). The Stepmother arranges to have either of her daughters marry Sebastian ("I Know You (reprise)"). Soon everyone in Belleville is on a shopping spree in the town square to prepare for the Ball. Sebastian gains popularity with the local girls. He sees Cinderella and again asks that she attend the Ball. The Stepmother suggests that Sebastian only invited her out of pity because of her dull looks ("The Village Square").

Later, the Stepmother and stepsisters prepare for the Ball. As Cinderella assists them, they mockingly insist that Sebastian could never choose her ("Unfair (reprise)"). Determined to go to the Ball, Cinderella visits the Godmother, a plastic surgeon, who has made the townsfolk look perfect ("The Godmother's Shop"). In exchange for Cinderella's mother's necklace, the Godmother provides a temporary cosmetic surgery make-over, with a beautiful gown and shoes made of crystal ("Beauty Has a Price"). She tells Cinderella that the pain of maintaining the look will be bearable only until midnight.

Act 2

At the Ball ("The Cinderella Waltz"/"The Ball"), Prince Sebastian is annoyed by his suitresses and is anxious, as he must choose a bride by midnight. Cinderella arrives, magnificent but unrecognised. The Queen forces Sebastian to dance with her. Cinderella confesses that she is in love with him, but Sebastian tells her that he is waiting for someone. Cinderella becomes progressively more uncomfortable in her tight shoes. The Stepmother and Stepsisters soon recognize her, as Cinderella cannot walk in heels. The Stepmother forces Adele to kiss Sebastian at the stroke of midnight. She does so, and the Queen declares her Sebastian's bride. Sebastian finally recognises Cinderella, but she dismisses him, heartbroken. She rips her dress and wig off ("I Know I Have a Heart"). Sebastian is anguished that he hurt Cinderella. The Hunks mock-congratulate him ("Act 2, Scene 2"). In frustration, he defends himself and begins to act like a prince ("I Am No Longer Me").

At home, the Stepmother gloats over Adele's engagement as they prepare for the wedding. Marie is jealous ("Moment of Triumph"). The Stepmother mocks Cinderella for failing to see that Sebastian loves her ("What Were You Thinking?"). Cinderella despairs that she has lost her only best friend/love ("Far Too Late"). She starts packing her things to leave Belleville, but Marie encourages her to stop Sebastian and Adele's wedding, and tell Sebastian how she really feels ("Ego Has a Price" (reprise of "Beauty Has a Price")).

At the wedding ("The Wedding March"/"The Ceremony"), when the preacher asks for objections, Prince Charming (everyone is delighted to see him alive) stops the wedding to save Sebastian. To prevent his own arranged marriage, he faked his death and has returned to marry the love of his life. He comes out as gay and introduces his fiancé, the Duc de Violette ("Man's Man" (reprise)). While the Stepmother is devastated as her plan unravels, the Queen is overjoyed, since this marriage will return Belleville to splendour. She declares that henceforth Belleville will be the city of love; everyone in Belleville cheers for the new Kings ("Marry for Love"), as the wedding bells ring out. Cinderella hears the bells and thinks that Sebastian is married. Shattered, she finishes packing and heads out of Belleville ("Cinderella’s Soliloquy").

At the Palace, Prince Charming and his new husband celebrate a lavish wedding reception, but Sebastian is miserable. Marie tells him about Cinderella's plan to stop his wedding. Realising that she plans to leave town, he decides to go after Cinderella. The Stepmother accuses the Queen of breaching their deal, but the Queen threatens to execute the Stepmother and throws her out of the Palace ("The Wedding Party"). Sebastian sees that the Godmother has Cinderella's mother's necklace, and the Godmother gives it to him. Sebastian arrives at Cinderella's home to find only her crystal slippers. Luckily, Cinderella returns for the slippers (to sell them). Sebastian returns her necklace and tells her what happened; they both realise the error of their previous changes, and Sebastian decides to run away with Cinderella. They share a tender kiss (Finale).

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Synopsis to Cinderella Lloyd Webber the Musical Plot

Cinderella Lloyd Webber Musical Lyrics

Buns 'n' Roses
It Has to Be Her
Bad Cinderella
So Long
Hunks Song
Man's Man
So Long (Reprise)
Only You, Lonely You
I Know You
I Know You (Reprise)
The Village Square
Unfair (Reprise)
The Godmother's Shop
Beauty Has a Price
The Ball
I Know I Have A Heart
Act 2, Scene 2
I Am No Longer Me
Moment of Triumph
What Were You Thinking?
Far Too Late
Ego Has a Price
The Ceremony
Marry for Love
Cinderella's Soliloquy
The Wedding Party