Cinderella Lloyd Webber - The Ball Lyrics

2021 West End
CINDERELLA Lloyd Webber Musical - The Ball Lyrics

"The Ball" is a song performed by Company.

ADELE: (spoken)
Prince Sebastian looks almost handsome
Not as handsome as the baker

STEPMOTHER: (spoken)
Will you shut up for five minutes about the baker, Adele?
How do you expect to marry a prince
when you insist on being the town bicyclette?

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
Have you seen a girl with dark hair arrive?

QUEEN: (spoken)
Dark hair? Darling, no one has had dark hair
in this town since they burned that girl at the stake for
Well, having dark hair

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
She must be here somewhere

QUEEN: (spoken)
Look, why don't you just dance with one of these girls?
They've all madе such an effort
Those two over thеre are particularly fetching, don't you think?
Sebastian, the wedding is tomorrow
You have to announce your bride at midnight!
I know you're cross but there really isn't any time to sulk
So while you wait for this mystery girl of yours,
Why not give another girl a spin?
You might be surprised
Thank you, my saucisson

I feel I'm on the auction block and on display
Or more like I'm the favorite dish at a buffet
My options look as good to me as tooth decay
And she isn't here
Meanwhile bimbos are beckoning
And she has yet to appear
As I evade this hit parade of imbeciles
One thing's clear, she's not here

DANCING GIRL 1: (spoken)
I don't know what everyone is talking about

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
How do you mean?

DANCING GIRL 1: (spoken)
You're not that bad up close

DANCING GIRL 2: (spoken)
And it's not like I meant to promise
my first born to Rumpelstiltskin
It could happen to anyone

DANCING GIRL 3: (spoken)
And if we have a girl I want her to be called Sunlight
And if we have a boy I want him to be called Storm
And if we have a—

DANCING GIRL 4: (spoken)
How rich are you?

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)

DANCING GIRL 4: (spoken)
I'm just trying to work out if it's worth it

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)

My shaky grip on sanity is crumbling
And soon I will be married off and crowned the king
The ticking clock inside my head is deafening
And she isn't here
All this ceaseless unpleasantry
Small talk, banal talk so drear
The princesses, the bourgeoisie, the peasantry
All small beer and she's not here

STEPMOTHER: (spoken)
Try not to say anything idiotic Adele

ADELE: (spoken)
Your majesty
I'm not supposed to mention the baker
Or how handsome he is

STEPMOTHER: (spoken)
Oh, for God's sake
Marie, intervene

MARIE: (spoken)
Hello, your majesty
Can I tell you a secret?
I've always thought you were so much
more handsome than your brother

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
Than my brother?
Who was voted the Most Handsome Man in Europe?

MARIE: (spoken)
Was he? Well, looks aren't everything

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
No? So what is it you like about me then?

MARIE: (spoken)
Um, your spirit?

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
My spirit? And what is it about my spirit that you like?

MARIE: (spoken)
All of it?

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
Nice try

Midnight's my time of reckoning
I'm filled with dread and with fear
And that is why I keep my eye upon the door
Still it's clear, she's not here

HUNKS: (spoken)

ARTHUR: (spoken)
I'd like to give her the crown jewels!

DORIAN: (spoken)
Oi, love, there's a scepter over here that needs polishing

GIRL 1: (spoken)
Who the hell is that?

GIRL 2: (spoken)
I've never seen her before

STEPMOTHER: (spoken)
Who is that little tart?

MARIE: (spoken)
I don't know, but she's so pretty

STEPMOTHER: (spoken)
Pretty vulgar, look at those frightful shoes

QUEEN: (spoken)
Sebastian, look at that girl
You can't possibly say there aren't options

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
Mother, she looks exactly the same as every other girl here
And just as grasping and boring and vapid as the rest of them

QUEEN: (spoken)
For somebody who claims to have so much
distain for his high station
You are a snob, Sebastian

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
I told you, I'm waiting for someone and that's not her

Mother, I can't do this
There is no medicine
No herbal sedative that can get me through this
Pack of coyotes upon me at feeding time
Breathless and braindead from all the inbreeding
I'd like to rephrase that, they're jackals, I'm pleading

Just dance with them
Darling, dance with them
Look at this new girl as if right on cue
I said dance with her

Fine, I'll dance with her

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
What do you think of my new look?

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
Ugh, please don't

CINDERELLA: (spoken)

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
I don't want to talk, alright
I'm done talking, let's just get this over and done with

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
Have I done something to annoy you?

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
Not you particularly, no
But all of you in general? Yes

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
"All of us"?

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
Girls, shamelessly throwing themselves at me

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
In your dreams, and you asked me to come here

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
Hate to break it to you, love,
But I was made to ask everyone

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
Well then why are you so shocked that we came?

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
I'm not shocked,
I'm just depressed by the whole thing

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
And by the way, your highness
None of these girls is interested in you,
You know that, right?
They are all straining to pretend they like you

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
Well you're not doing a great job, let me tell you

CINDERELLA: (spoken)

You're a jerk and so arrogant
I came close to marrying you out of pity

Oh my God, you're delusional
You think you're hot stuff, you're not quite that pretty
With each shared opinion your chances are shrinking
Miss, you've had enough of whatever you're drinking
And if I'm the prize, there is no chance you'll win it
Excuse me, I must choose a bride in one minute

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
These bloody shoes

STEPMOTHER: (spoken)
That girl can't walk in those ridiculous shoes of hers

ADELE: (spoken)
Is she drunk?
Oh, can I drink, mama? I want to be drunk

STEPMOTHER: (spoken)
Absolutely not, you're bad enough sober

MARIE: (spoken)
She's not drunk, she can't walk in heels

STEPMOTHER: (spoken)
There's only one girl in this town
who doesn't know how to walk in heels

It seems we have a most unwelcome guest here
An interloper whom I cannot bear
How can she think we are unaware?
Well, I know who she is

ADELE: (spoken)
What's she doing here? She always ruins everything

There's no time to lose, where's the prince? Go and kiss him
If he sees she's here then our plan will not float

He's where?

Over there
Hurry up, you can't miss him
Distract him, in fact, shove your tongue down his throat

STEPMOTHER: (spoken)
Now! There isn't any time, now!

QUEEN: (spoken)
Well, It appears we have our bride

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
What? Wait!

QUEEN: (spoken)
Mademoiselle Adele de la Plage!

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
Adele? No

QUEEN: (spoken)
And what a beauty she is, too, the perfect choice

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
Excuse me, please let me out of here
I can't breathe, oh, this dress

QUEEN: (spoken)
Ladies and gentlemen,
Please bow down for your future king and queen
Prince Sebastian and the future Princess Adele

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
Cinderella? Oh no, wait, please

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
Leave me alone

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
I didn't know it was you,
I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you
You look so different

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
So you just fell into my step-sister's mouth?

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
No, she kissed me!

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
Enough, enough of your excuses
Why don't you just take responsibility for once?
This is your bed, lie in it

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
Hey, just stop

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
God, these shoes are killing me
Don't you dare touch me
We're done
Whatever this is, it's over
I never want to see you again

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
Please don't say that

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