Cinderella Lloyd Webber - So Long (Reprise) Lyrics

2021 West End
CINDERELLA Lloyd Webber Musical - So Long (Reprise)/ Introduction to Only You, Lonely You Lyrics

Performed by Carrie Hope Fletcher (Cinderella) and Ivano Turco (Prince Sebastian).

Two times in just one day? Please, why this honor?

Your prank has rocked my world and I'm a goner

Tell me what the dish is, all the gossip that's worth spreading

Mother's head's exploded, she's announced a royal wedding

Tell which underage Greek God the groom's gonna be

Shut up, you knob, it's me!

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
There's going to be a ball, I have to pick a bride there

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
What? This is crazy
You can't just marry some random stranger,
What are you thinking?

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
What am I thinking?
This is your fault, remember?

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
I suppose you'll choose Miss Belleville or someone

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)
I don't know

So long, farewell
It's really been swell
Have a nice life
Good luck with your wife

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)

I need you at the ball
Tell me you'll be there

It's really not my style
I don't see me there

I could really use a friend

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
A "friend", right
Goodbye, Sebastian

SEBASTIAN: (spoken)

Please, Cinderella
Cinderella, promise you'll be there when I need you
No one in Belleville cares how I'm feeling
Somehow you see the me I'm concealing
Yet I'm unable to reveal the way I'm feeling about you
Everything I say comes out the wrong way
Why can't I convey what's deep within me?

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