Calvin Berger the Musical - Don'tcha Think? Lyrics

Lyrics and Music by Barry Wyner
CALVIN BERGER the Musical - Don'tcha Think? Lyrics

CALVIN: What are you talking about,
I am NOT obsessed with her!

BRET: Don'tcha think it's a little bit odd,
How you're so "Oh my God!" when she's near you.

BRET: Don'tcha think everyone of us sees
That you're different when she's in the room.
CALVIN: No I'm not!
BRET: This is not such a mystery,
We don't need Scooby Doo!
Calvin, everyone knows what you're feeling but you.
CALVIN: What I'm feeling. is that you're on crack.
BRET: Don'tcha think it's a bit of a sign
That your room is a shrine to Rosanna?
CALVIN: A few pictures!
BRET: Don'tcha think it's a little bizarre
That you drew a big R on your shoe?
CALVIN: That's for. wrestling.
BRET: It's a normal emotion,
We don't need Doctor Phil!
But if you honestly need me to say it, I will.
You're in looooooooooooooo-
CALVIN: Alright Bret. That's enough.
Bret, people are STARING. Stop it! Stop!
Alright, could you at least get to the V?
Could you finish the word? Please?
CALVIN: Thank you.

CALVIN: Augh! Bret, come on! Bret, stop! STOP!
Okay, okay, okay, I admit it! I admit it!
Maybe a tiny crush.
BRET: Turn around.
CALVIN: Rosanna. Oh my God, hi!
BRET: Rosanna:  Hi.
CALVIN: Wow, you look. happy!
BRET: I was just thinking about someone. special.
Someone you wanna get funky with?
CALVIN: Shut up, Bret.
BRET: Someone I want to... get to know better.
Calvin, can you meet me at the Hollywood diner around 7?
CALVIN: *squeaks*
BRET: Great!
CALVIN: Great!
BRET: Greeeaaat. See you tonight
CALVIN: See you tonight. Did Rosanna just ask me?.
You don't think?. You don't think??? You don't think???

BRET: That she's horny as hell,
And she's meeting to tell you she WANTS YOU.
BRET: When a girl asks a guy to hang out,
What could that be about, you tell me!
CALVIN: Oh my God, I gotta go.
BRET: Where are you going?
CALVIN: To figure out what the hell I'm gonna say.
BRET: Just tell her about your tiny crush!
CALVIN: Tiny crush?
BRET: That's what you said!
CALVIN: I'm in loooooooooooooooooooooo-
BRET: Calvin, she's still in the room.
She's gonna hear you Calvin! Calviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!
BRET: What a dumbass.

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