Calvin Berger the Musical - Graduation Day Lyrics

Lyrics and Music by Barry Wyner
CALVIN BERGER the Musical - Graduation Day Lyrics

Why should I still bother you?
I can do this alone.
Thanks to all you've given me I'll be fine on my own.
Dude, I can't thank you enough.
Letting go is always tough but lets still be friends.
We've accomplished everything that we wanted to do.
She's completely in to me and it's all thanks to you.
Ive got all the skills I need.
Im most likely to succeed.
Hey, hey, hey it's graduation day.
So get my diploma ready.
Send me off on my way.
Through a party and through confetti cause it's my graduation day.
All my life I wont forget what a great team we were.
And I'll always think of you when i make out with her.
Always used to feel so dumb.
Never thought this day would come.
Hey, hey, hey it's graduation day.
So let me see my report card.
Tell me I got an A.
Im so proud of the way we worked hard to get to graduation day.
You'll be on your own now.
You'll have to be strong.
And though you're a pro now.
Something still could go wrong.
Horribly, terribly wrong.
Thats why I must give you.
This my final note.
It will make her forgive you.
It's the best note that I ever wrote.
Your daters insurance.
Your relationship glue.
Matt, this is my gift to you.
Hey, hey, hey it's graduation day.
Now I've had my last disaster.
(Goodbye to my waiting.) Now I'll know what to say.
(Pal its your last day. Now i just have to wait.)  She'll call me the talking master.
(He cant play the poet.) Cause its my graduation-say congratulations.
(He'll blow it. I know it.) Its my graduation day.
(And I won't have to wait another day.)

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Graduation Day lyrics from Calvin Berger the Musical

Calvin Berger the Musical Lyrics

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