A Christmas Story - PLOT SYNOPSIS

The Broadway Musical
A Christmas Story - PLOT SYNOPSIS

Act 1

After passing a Salvation Army Santa, radio disc jockey Jean Shepherd tells his audience that it reminds him of a highly important Christmas from his childhood in Indiana, told through the eyes of young Ralphie Parker. In December 1940, Ralphie plans to convince his parents to get him his dream present ("Counting Down to Christmas"). The family goes to Higbees department store where, in the window, Ralphie sees the present in question, a "Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun".

The next day, while Ralphie's father struggles with his entry in a crossword puzzle contest ("Genius On Cleveland Street"), Ralphie accidentally blurts out what he wants, which his mother promptly shuts down with the classic excuse "You'll shoot your eye out". On the way to school, Ralphie, his brother Randy and his friends are accosted by bully Scut Farkus and his toady Grover Dill ("When You're A Wimp").

In class, Ralphie's teacher, Ms. Shields, assigns a theme on what the class wants for Christmas. This makes Ralphie think he can get Ms. Shields to talk his parents into getting the gun for him ("Ralphie To The Rescue"), but he starts to lose heart as the weeks pass without the paper being graded.

One night during dinner ("That's What A Mother Does"), Mr. Parker is informed by telegram that he's won an award in the contest. Soon after, the award arrives: a lamp shaped like a woman's leg. Despite Mrs. Parker's clear disgust, Mr. Parker puts it in the front window for all to see ("A Major Award").

While going to get a tree, the family car gets a flat. Ralphie helps his father change the tire by carrying a hubcap full of the tire's bolts. When it's accidentally knocked out of his hands, he seemingly says "Oh fudge.", though Shepherd clarifies he actually said "the F--- word". He gets in huge trouble for this and though he claims he heard it from his friend Schwartz- he really heard it from his father- which in turn gets Schwartz in trouble with his mom, he becomes worried that this incident will doom his Christmas ("Act 1 Finale").

Act 2

Determined to save his Christmas, Ralphie tries to behave the rest of the month. However, this is jeapordized on the last day before winter break when Schwartz "triple dog dares" their friend Flick to stick his tongue to a pole to see if it will stick ("Sticky Situation"). It does and though no one is caught, the fire department is called to free him. Worse, when the themes are finally returned, Ralphie only gets a C+ instead of the expected A and a note repeating the dreaded phrase ("You'll Shoot Your Eye Out").

On the way home, Ralphie is again accosted by Scut and Grover. Finally snapping, he attacks them in a blind rage, spewing curses all the while. His mother eventually pulls him off and takes him home and though he's frightened of what will happen, she reassures him and lets the matter drop ("Just Like That").

Still with no way to get the gun, Ralphie next tries the Santa working "At Higbees". This is also a failure, as he's once again told "You'll shoot your eye out" ("Up On Santa's Lap") On Christmas Eve, Mrs. Parker "accidentally" breaks the lamp, leading to a big argument with her husband, though they soon make up ("Before The Old Man Comes Home"). That night, all the kids struggle to sleep as they anticipate the coming morning ("Somewhere Hovering Over Indiana").

On Christmas morning, the family receives gifts of varying quality, including a humiliating pair of pink bunny pajamas for Ralphie. At the last moment, Mr. Parker reveals he got Ralphie the gun. However, when he goes outside, the first shot ricochets and hits his glasses, breaking them. Luckily, he makes up a story about a fallen icicle and his mother doesn't learn the truth.

When the neighbour's dogs eat the family's Christmas turkey, they go to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Despite the setbacks, they and other families have a great Christmas and that night, Ralphie falls asleep with his cherished gun in his arms ("A Christmas Story").

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A Christmas Story the Musical Lyrics

Counting Down to Christmas
At Higbee's
Red Ryder
Counting Down to Christmas (Reprise)
The Genius on Cleveland Street
When You're a Wimp
Ralphie to the Rescue
What A Mother Does
Sticky Situation
A Major Award
A Kid At Christmas
Just Like That
Up On Santa's Lap
Before the Old Man Comes Home
Somewhere Hovering Over Indiana