A Christmas Story - At Higbee's Lyrics

The Broadway Musical
A Christmas Story - At Higbee's Lyrics

We got Christmas spirit
At Higbee's
Every toy a kid could crave

Tonight, tonight, that curtain'll rise
And take your breath away
Christmas cheer is waiting here at
Higbee's store today

Soon you'll feel it
When we reveal it
Holy moly
It's rising slowly
There in all it's wonder
It's a holiday spell you're falling under


Look, it's Raggedy Ann and Andy!

That's what I want. A Wizard of Oz doll.

Mary, do you see Mrs. Claus sitting in the rocking chair?

BOY 1:
Tinker Toys? Tinker Toys, Tinker Toys, Tinker Toys!

BOY 2:
Mama, Daddy, can I have the red wagon?

That's it, that's it!
An official Red Ryder range model carbine action BB gun
With a compass in the stock
And this thing that tells time

[Thanks to Michael for lyrics]

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A Christmas Story At Higbee's Lyrics,
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A Christmas Story the Musical Lyrics

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