Women On The Verge - Island Lyrics

2011 Broadway
Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown The Musical - Island Lyrics

I wanted exactly what you did:
An island for two in the clouds
With gas and electric included
Floating above all the noise of the city
Away from the traffic and crowds
Happily cast away
Sleeping to noon.

We bobbed and we laughed on our matress raft in our bedroom lagoon
We bathed in the moon

Where did it go?
Where did it go?
Was it washed away?

Where did it go?
I thought I saw it here yesterday.?

Now suddenly its drowning in salt water.

You wanted the same thing that I did:
An island with closet space to spare.
But now that it seems you've decided
To pack up a suitcase and swim for it.

I think I'm becoming aware
Of an unfamiliar feeling
Of falling through the floors.
It all looks the same
But nothings the same as before
Like the names on our doors.

Where do they go?
Where do they go?
When they disappear?

Where is the red dot on the map that says ware are here?

Hard to find your way surrounded by salt water.

You dance on the sand the way we did.
You know that a step has to miss.
I thought I knew just what we needed.
It's funny everything looks different through salt water.

The thing about islands is this,
The important thing to know before you have landed:
An island with two can be paradise,
With one, you're just shipwrecked and stranded.

Where do you go?
How do you swim
In a tidal wave?

What do you do?
When do you know
That you can't be saved?

Where do I go?
I wish you'd tell me
'cause I forget.

Up in the clouds,
up with the smoke from your cigarette.

Where do I go?

[Thanks to Rose for lyrics]
[Thanks to Victoria Vass, Mark for corrections]

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