Women On The Verge - Invisible Lyrics

2011 Broadway
Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown the Musical - Invisible Lyrics

Back then the men would look and smile at me
like boys applying for a summer job.
But no, I never would respond,
the vacancy was taken.

Back home my love would whisper in my ear
those words, a shelter for a troubled soul.
That voice, like sunshine when you're cold,
like water when you're thirsty.

And then one morning he was gone.
A day went by and he was gone.
A month went by and I would stand by the window
holding the baby, shaking with fear.
And one day I heard it, as real as the sun,
That voice in my ear.

That's when I realized that he was invisible
like a magic trick, like a miracle.
I don't know how he did it.
He was gone, but he still was there,
but totally invisible,
but don't get me wrong he was tangible.
But invisible like gravity or the air.

He said I had to take a little rest
someplace where he could keep and eye on me.
Despite the bars across the windows
my room was pretty sunny.

Those days were mumbles in a sleeping ear.
The hallways always smelled like chicken soup.
Most of the doctors were polite.
The nuns were nice and nunny.

You eat your lunch a year is gone.
You go to bed ten years are gone.
Then you wake up and wonder where is it hiding?
Where did it go? I don't understand.
The life I had wanted, the life I was promised,
the life I had planned.

Then I realized it was invisible.
That entire life was invisible
because somebody misplaced it,
so it had to be somewhere.
Just out of reach, just out of sight
there's a couple dancing in candlelight.
No gravity was spinning in the air.

Though things are pretty much the same
as how they used to be,
the young men still are smiling,
they just never smile at me.
At first I thought they must be blind
like love or gravity.
But then I realized I picked it up.
I've got the get.

I feel like supergirl! I've become invisible.
I'm a magic trick. Isn't it wonderful?
Like a character in a comic book
I can see what you're thinking but I don't care.
So if your on an empty street
and you hear the tapping of high heeled feet,
or you hear a heart like a phantom beat,
or the screams of a woman left incomplete,
well don't fear what you can't see.
The odds are good that it's only me.
I'm invisible.
I've vanished in thin...


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Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown Invisible Lyrics

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