Women On The Verge - On The Verge Lyrics

2011 Broadway
Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown The Musical - On The Verge Lyrics

Welcome to the edge, the verge, the ledge
The bridge is out
You’re looking in the mirror
Thinking this is where it rips
A tear a tear a fear of what’s been coming cause it hear now

Ten miles up you walk the wire
It’s high in those high heels
Hard to do the dance with circumstance
Has brought you to the edge
So this is how it ends

You feel the wall
You real
You fall
At least you've got your friends around you
Seemly lacking half their wits
You’re on the hill and throwing things and going down together
Listen to your shout
The breaks are out
The cars okay but where the wheels
Isn't this a trick?
You've lost your grip
You’re coming to the edge

All you see is the bleeding sky above your head
A purple ocean boils below
The red horizon tied around your throat

You've lost your voice
You've lost your will
You lose your mind
And yet it’s kind of thrilling
When you step up to the line
(Step up to the line)
The edge
The urge
And suddenly you’re swimming in it
(And suddenly you’re swimming in the surge
Swimming in it, swimming in the surge)

And you sinking
Its murder on your hands when your head is underwater
Not that you should mind
You'll see
You'll find
You don’t need a rudder when your ships gone down

This is our eclipse
Your wig
Your life
The edge
You’re slipping on it

Admit it’s kind of thrilling as your
Dealing on the brink
And you’re ming
And you’re drunk
In a bar
You’re a word
The fact that you are hanging by
So keep it to yourself
Shut up
Or not…
Let go
Hang on
And pretty soon your coolalating

Like a banchi
She out of role but she’s listening
Baby it’s a date
You can’t be late
Where dancing
Where dancing
Where dancing
Where dancing

But welcome to the verge
The presents and the….
Take the edge
Welcome to the verge
Welcome to the verge
It’s pretty scary
Welcome to the verge
To the comic of the edge
Welcome to the verge

Pepa please, you shouldn’t be upsetting yourself in your condition
“What condition?”
Your pregnant……

[Thanks to Sam for lyrics]

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Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown the Musical Lyrics

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