Noël Coward - World Weary Lyrics

The English playwright, actor, singer and songwriter
Noël Coward - World Weary Lyrics

This is the song from "This Year of Grace the musical".

When I'm feeling dreary and blue,
I'm only too glad to be left alone.
Dreaming of a place in the sun.
When day is done, far from a telephone;
Bustle and the weary crowd
Make me want to cry out loud.
Give me something peaceful and grand
Where all the land slumbers in monotone.

I'm world weary, world weary,
Living in a great big town,
I find it so dreary, so dreary.
Everything looks grey or brown,
I want an ocean blue, great big trees,
A bird’s-eye view of the Pyrenees,
I want to watch the moon rise up
And see the great red sun go down.

Watching clouds go by through
A wintry sky fascinates me
But if I do it in the street.
Every cop I meet simply hates me.

Because I’m world weary, world weary,
I could kiss the railroad tracks,
I want to get right back to nature and relax.

I want a horse and plough,
Chickens too.
Just one cow
With a wistful moo,

I can hardly wait
’Til I see the great open spaces,
My loving friends will not be there
I’m so sick of their God-damned faces.
Because I’m world weary, world weary.
Tired of all these jumping jacks,
I want to get right back to nature and relax.

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World Weary Lyrics Noel Coward

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