Noël Coward - If Love Were All Lyrics

English playwright, actor, singer and songwriter
Noel Coward - If Love Were All Lyrics

This is the song from "Bitter Sweet the musical".

Life is a very rough and tumble,
For a humble Diseuse,
One can betray one's troubles never,
Whatever Occurs,
Night after night,
Have to look bright,
Whether you're well or ill
People must laugh their fill.

You mustn't sleep
Till dawn comes creeping.
Though I never really grumble
Life's a jumble.
And in my &orts to succeed
I've had to formulate a creed

I believe in doing what I can,
In crying when I must,
In laughing when I choose.
Heigho, if love were all I should be lonely,
I believe the more you love a man,
The more you give your trust,
The more you're bound to lose.

Although when shadows fall I think if only
Somebody s lendid really needed me,
Someone a ectionate 2 and dear,
Cares would be ended if I knew that he
Wanted to have me near.

But I believe that since my life began
The most I've had is just
Adent to amuse.

Heigho, if love were all!
Though life buffets me obscenely,
It serenely
Goes on.
Although I question its conclusion,
Illusion Is gone.

Frequently I
Put a bit by
Safe for a rainy day.
Nobody here can say
To what, indeed,
The years are leading.

Fate may often tteat me meanly,
But I keenly Pursue
A little mirage in the blue.
Determination helps me though.

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If Love Were All Lyrics Noel Coward

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