Noël Coward - Poor Little Rich Girl Lyrics

English playwright, actor, singer and songwriter
Noel Coward - Poor Little Rich Girl Lyrics

This is the song from "On with the Dance the musical".

You're only a baby,
You're lonely,
And maybe
Some day soon you'll know
The tears
You are tasting
Are years
You are wasting,
Life's a bitter foe,
With fate it's no use competing,
Youth is so terribly fleeting;
By dancing Much faster,
You're chancing Disaster,
Time alone will show.

Poor little rich girl,
You're a bewitched girl,
Better beware!
Laughing at danger,
Virtue a stranger,
Better take care!
The life you lead sets all your nerves a jangle,
Your love affairs are in a hopeless tangle,
Though you're a child, dear,
Your life's a wild typhoon,
In lives of leisure
The craze for pleasure
Steadily grows.
Cocktails and laughter,
But what comes after?
Nobody knows.
You're weaving love into a mad jazz pattern,
Ruled by Pantaloon.
Poor little rich girl,
Don't drop a stitch too soon.

(Verse: 2)
The role you are acting,
The toll is exacting,
Soon you'll have to pay.
The music of living,
You lose in the giving,
False things soon decay.
These words from me nlay surprise you,
I've got no right to advise you,
I've known life too well, dear,
Your own life must tell, dear,
Please don't turn away.

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Poor Little Rich Girl Lyrics Noel Coward

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