A Little Night Music - Soon Lyrics

Broadway revival (2009)
A Little Night Music the Musical - Soon Lyrics

The song is written by Stephen Sondheim.

Soon, I promise,
Soon, I won't shy away,
Dear old--
Soon, I want to.
Soon, whatever you say.
Even now,
When you're close and we touch,
And you're kissing my brow,
I don't mind it too much.
And you'll have to admit I'm endearing,
I help keep things humming,
I'm not domineering--
What's one small shortcoming?
And think of how I adore you,
Think of how much you love me.
If I were perfect for you,
Wouldn't you tire of me
All too soon,
Dear old

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Soon lyrics from A Little Night Music the Musical

A Little Night Music the Musical Lyrics

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