A Little Night Music - In Praise Of Women Lyrics

Broadway revival (2009)
A Little Night Music the Musical - In Praise Of Women Lyrics

The song is written by Stephen Sondheim.

She wouldn't...therefore they didn't...
So then it wasn't...not unless it...would she?
She doesn't...God knows she needn't...therefore it's not.
He'd never...therefore they haven't...
Which makes the question absolutely...could she?
She daren't...therefore I mustn't...what utter rot!
Fidelity is more than mere display;
It's what a man expects from life.
Fidelity like mine to Desiree
And Charlotte, my devoted wife.

The papers...he mentioned papers,
Some legal papers which I didn't see there.
Where were they, the goddamn papers she had to sign?
What nonsense! He brought her papers,
They were important, so he had to be there.
I'll kill him!...Why should I bother? The woman's mine!
Besides, no matter what one might infer,
One must have faith to some degree.
The least that I can do is trust in her
The way that Charlotte trusts in me.

Capable, pliable
Women, women...
Understanding and reliable,
Knowing their place.
Insufferable, yes, but gentle,
Their weaknesses are incidental.
A functional but ornamental
Durable, sensible
Women, women...
Very nearly indispensable
Creatures of grace.
God knows the foolishness about them,
But if one had to live without them,
The world would surely be a poorer,
If purer,

The hip-bath...about that hip-bath...
How can you slip and trip into a hip-bath?
The papers...where were the papers?
Of course, he might have taken back the papers.
She wouldn't...therefore they didn't...
The woman's mine!

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In Praise Of Women Lyrics from A Little Night Music the Musical

A Little Night Music the Musical Lyrics

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