Star and Slave Lyrics

Off-Broadway musical
Here Lies Love the Musical - Star and Slave Lyrics

The song is written by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim.

Last night, I had a dream
That I was back in Leyte
I dreamed I was barely alive
But I could still see

Then a woman in white
Approached my bed
This Egyptian queen
She could raise the dead

And a crowd of people
They were praying in there for me
And this crowd of people
They were singing their songs for me

And I can feel it now
Their faith and affection
Feel that I, I'm
Their Pygmalion now

I sit up in the dream I rise
And I, I come back
To the river of life
Now I rejoin the river of life

Now my personal life
That old life is over
And I'll serve my country
For the rest of my days

And I, oh I thank god
We know how to make money
Now I, I am the people's
Star, star and slave

Now it's because of you
That happiness lives here
And I'll give you my love
Now it's my turn to say

That if, if it is true
That you shall enslave me
Well it's because of you
Nothing can stand in my way

Let me be
Your star and slave
And my personal life
Well let them take it away

I can't be hurt anymore
By those things that they say
Let it come, let it come
Let it come what may

Let me be
Your star
Star and slave

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