American Troglodyte Lyrics

Off-Broadway musical
Here Lies Love the Musical - American Troglodyte Lyrics

The song is written by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim.

I could be a dancer, maybe
I could be a judge
Used to sing that karaoke
But I, I don’t do it much

Democracy in action
There is nothin’ up my sleeve
A watermelon postcard I am
Plantin’ all my seeds

Americans are wearin’ those sexy jeans
Americans are usin’ technology
Americans are surfin’ that Internet
Americans are listenin’ to 50 Cent

Americans are buyin’ that modern art
Americans are drivin’ gigantic cars
Americans are doin’ that exercise
Americans are livin’ like troglodytes

Ev’rybody knows me
They are drinkin’ to my health
I terrorized my fam’ly and I
Terrorized myself

Evangelized my bedroom—you can
Ride away with me
All the girls together in a
Mighty symphony

Americans are playin’ that basketball
Americans are doin’ that rock and roll
Americans are goin’ to outer space
Americans are buyin’ that real estate

Americans are livin’ the simple life
Americans are dancin’ on Friday nights
Americans are goin’ to Broadway shows
Americans believe in the Holy Ghost

Americans are wearin’ that lingerie
Americans are throwin’ that shit away
Americans are watchin’ reality
Americans are goin’ from A to Z

Americans are dancin’ in discotheques
Americans are payin’ their income tax
Americans are workin’ from 9 to 5
Americans are livin’ like troglodytes

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American Troglodyte Lyrics Here Lies Love David Byrne

Here Lies Love the Musical Lyrics

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