Here Lies Love - PLOT SYNOPSIS

Off-Broadway musical
Here Lies Love the Musical - PLOT SYNOPSIS

As clubbers get inside Club Millennium, the DJ sets up the party with music and with Imelda Marcos motif. The DJ instructs the clubbers to enjoy the party as they watch the club's staff reenacting the life of Imelda Marcos through the club's music. The club ensemble comes in ("American Troglodyte") and performs.

Act 1
Imelda Romualdez is shown as a poor lass in stormy Leyte ("Here Lies Love") with best friend Estrella. Ninoy Aquino comes out of the stage and tells of his background ("Child of the Philippines") and his endearment to Imelda. However, Ninoy ("Opposite Attraction") is apprehensive of having to be in a relationship with Imelda due to their differences. While Ninoy wants to be in politics, Imelda shows only a penchant for love and beauty. Imelda eventually joins a beauty pageant ("Rose of Tacloban") around the same time that Ferdinand Marcos is becoming even more famous ("A Perfect Hand"). Soon, Ferdinand and Imelda meet each other and start dating ("Eleven Days") and kiss each other at the end of the number. Afterwards, Ferdinand and Imelda are married in a ceremony while Estrella ("When She Passed By") watches from afar, reminiscing their past. Ferdinand and Imelda ("Sugartime Baby") go into their honeymoon and Imelda realizes how she should become a perfect wife to the Senator in exchange of Ferdinand pulling her out of poverty ("Walk Like a Woman"). Afterwards, Imelda and Ferdinand ("Don't You Agree? / Pretty Face") start campaigning and ending up winning. Now sitting in Malacañang, ("Dancing Together") Imelda has been spearheading lavish parties and celebrations in the palace while under medication - the price she paid for marrying a busy statesman. In response to the parties and construction projects, the now Senator Ninoy Aquino leads ("Fabulous One") the opposition with great rhetoric. Imelda is surprised by this act from Ninoy ("Men Will Do Anything") and about the same time that Ferdinand gets into a romantic affair with Dovie Beams.

Act 2
Imelda shows a fiercer side of herself after the gaffes ("Star and Slave") and has vented out her anger against a sickly Ferdinand who is asking for forgiveness from her ("Poor Me") - Imelda claims she will be the one running the country, now that Ferdinand is sick. Apparently, the people do not like what was happening to the Philippines ("Please Don't") under Imelda's leadership; but she is doing crisis control by showcasing international leaders. Unfortunately, Estrella does a tell-all interview ("Solano Avenue") which results into a confrontation between her and old friend Imelda, where she offers Estrella money. When Estrella refuses, Imelda has her imprisoned. Due to growing numbers of riots ("Riots and Bombs") in Manila, Ferdinand declares Martial Law ("Order 1081") and the ensemble sings of their experiences and suffering: among them is Ninoy, who grows so vocal he is imprisoned. Imelda visits Ninoy in his cell and tells him he should go to the United States and never come back ("Seven Years"). Ninoy goes to the United States but returns ("Gate 37") only to be assassinated on the tarmac. Ninoy's mother, Aurora ("Just Ask the Flowers") vents about her son's death and encourages the people to revolt. Watching her popularity and support crumble before her, Imelda bemoans her loss as an image of Estrella angrily criticizes her ("Why Don't You Love Me?"). The situation in the Philippines now out of their control, Imelda and Ferdinand are evacuated from the palace by helicopter, bringing their regime to an end.

The actress who played Imelda comes out and introduces the next number. The DJ comes down from his booth and sings about the story of the People Power Revolution while playing his guitar ("God Draws Straight"). The rest of the ensemble returns to do one last song and dance with the clubbers ("Here Lies Love").

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