Clinton the Musical - Awful-Awesome Lyrics

Off-Broadway production 2015
Clinton the Musical - Awful-Awesome Lyrics

I am William Jefferson Clinton
And this is my story!
And mine!
And mine!

We're living here in the nineties (The nineties!)
Where taste and tacky combine (I look good!)
We run 'round wearing our Nikes (Just do it!)
And started getting online (You've got mail!)

I just love wearing my scrunchie (You go, girl!)
We all watch Baywatch with Mitch and the crew
Yet here all over the country (The same thing)
That our life living here in ninety-two is

Awful - We're in recession
Awful - I've got depression
Awful - but it could be that ninety-three is
Awesome - A new direction
Awesome - With this election
Awesome - We're on a quest to find the candidate
that's best (What? Oh!)

The country now is divided (No, we're not!)
(Yes, we are!)
'Cause all Republicans are filthy rats
That seems a little one-sided (Asshole!)
'Cause we all know that you Democrats are

Awesome - We're so PC! We're
Awful - Go hug a tree! We're
Awesome - Republicans, we love our guns! We're
Awful - They're super rich! We're
Awesome - We're super rich!
We're awful - You scream and fight
but who can help you make things right? I can!

Oh, when your husband's split in two
You have to be the Krazy Glue
But I still love him through and through
And they love him too!

He is awful - But charismatic
Awful - And problematic
Awful - Yes, we can see this SOB is
Awesome - He's so humane
He's awesome - He feels your pain!
He's awesome - Yes, I agree, so vote for me!

I know you're scared of debt and tax
But from now on you can relax
You know that I will have your backs
And I play the sax (He plays the sax!)

The winner of the 1992 Presidential Election is - Clinton!
Clinton! - I, William Jefferson!
Clinton! - And I, William Jefferson!
Clinton! - And I, Hillary Rodham!
Clinton! - Do solemnly swear
that I will faithfully execute the office
of President of the United States

Awful - He's smoking hot, he's
Awesome - He's smoking hot!
She's awkward - And standing here,
It's crystal clear, he's
Awful - He's such a cheat, he's
Awesome - He's super sweet!
She's awkward, yes we can see that he and she are -
Awful - Awesome - Awkward - Awful -
Awesome - Awkward - Awfulsomeward

[Thanks to Jake Hoffman for lyrics]
[Thanks to Maddie for corrections]

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