Clinton the Musical - Both Ways Lyrics

Off-Broadway production 2015
Clinton the Musical - Both Ways Lyrics

The world's not black and white
That's not how it works
And now you must unite and stop being whining jerks!
So try to understand
Try to let him in
Reach out and shake his hand

Though I don't know where it's been...
Yes, you do!

You must establish some good will and be one silver double Bill

You are split into two hands,
Like your own two different pairs
and you've been finding all your days
You must stop fighting one another
to go one way or the other
And you must learn to go both ways

I'm totally up for that
I am not up for that

I know in times like this you wanna feel you're worthy
but when you're stuck in shit,
You gotta get a little dirty
You're delicious, sweet and sour
Together, you're a pair
Combined you have more power,
Like Sonny and like Cher
If I could turn back time for you,
I'd make sure you weren't split in two.

You can let these things divide you,
So you must let him inside you
Forgive me for that turn of grace
You can still achieve your dreams
but you have to double team
And now you must learn to go both ways

Say you're sorry
Ha! Why?
For pushing him aside
Say you're sorry
Ha! Why?
For all the tricks you tried
We all want forgiveness for all the wrongs we do
But in order to receive it, you must give in turn

You are pulled in two directions
Find your minds begun connection
And leave behind your power, boys
'Cause the public like it better
when politicians combine together
So you must learn to go both ways!

[Thanks to Jake Hoffman for lyrics]

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