Clinton the Musical - The Me I See Lyrics

Off-Broadway production 2015
Clinton the Musical - The Me I See Lyrics

Now he's finally gone
And I can move on
To a brighter dawn
You'll see, just you wait
I'll make four years great
And I'll make them eight - or twelve!

And then I'll appear
At my film premiere
Played by Richard Gere (Richard Gere!)
When they think of me
They'll think honesty
And morality

The me I see will be transforming welfare
The me I see will give universal healthcare
On the Internet! No, it would never work
The me I see wouldn't rather be elsewhere
When here, I'll be the me I see

So, this is it, isn't it?
After all I've done?

Soon, you're gonna learn
You will crash and burn
And then I'll return
And when I am through
They'll see me, not you
And they'll like it, too

The me I see has a statue of Clinton
And it will be even bigger than Lincoln
So, finally, I am standing here, thinking
That they'll all see the me I see

I'm awesome, they've chosen me
I'm awesome, I'm Hillary
I'm awesome, I'll get my fame
They'll scream my name

Rodham Clinton, I'm on a roll
Rodham Clinton, I'm in control
Rodham Clinton, I'll be living large
'Cause I'll be the one in charge

We'll be two-for-one
I will get things done
I will have some fun (Have some fun!)

Watch as I prevail
Watch me get some tail
Checking my e-mail

The me I see is commander in chief
The me I see will stand by my beliefs
The me I see looks so sexy in briefs
Now I can be the me I see
And the me I see is me
The me I see

[Thanks to Maddie for lyrics]

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