Amazing Grace - The Auction Lyrics

Broadway Production 2015
Amazing Grace the Musical - The Auction Lyrics

"The Auction" is a song from the Broadway musical
Amazing Grace performed by Josh Young (John Newton).

HAWEIS: (spoken)
John, your father never let anyone else run the auctions

JOHN: (spoken)
Haweis, you never get anywhere in life if you play by the rules

HAWEIS: (spoken)
Bring it down

JOHN: (spoken)
The Royal Africa Company is privileged to offer today
The pick of the crop, a lifetime of work
And a price you’ll be happy to pay
They live to serve, this is what they're meant to be
But don’t take my word, inspect them yourself
I’m sure you will agree

We have a male of thirty years from the Ivory Coast
Understand twelve commands, so he's smarter than most
Open your mouth
His teeth and gums show he survived the journey well
And there's a half-year guarantee on every specimen we sell

Where should we start?
Perhaps at 30 pounds, 30 pounds
30, yes, on the side! Thank you!
30 and a crown now? 30 and a crown?
Come on people, this one is strong as an ox. Thank you
32 now? Anyone? 32? 32? No? Going once, twice?
Sold, 30 and a crown. Thank you, sir

HAWEIS: (spoken)
Your wife will be very pleased, Mr. Helms
This will make how many for you?

MR. HELMS: (spoken)

Every now and again
We get a true two for one
Twice the help for your wife
Twice the work to be done
Come on, dear friends
What’s your money for?
40 pounds
Your time is valuable
Thank you, sir

The captain is absent, but his son is in charge.
Why don’t we kill the boy?

No, no one gets hurt. You wait for my signal

HAWEIS: (spoken)
Something's going on. This doesn't feel right!

JOHN: (spoken)
What! Everything's fine
Come on, if you don’t bid now, someone else will get her
Give me 42 quid
42, here in the blue cravat? Yes sir!
44 now, I’m taking her off the block and I’m keeping her myself

HAWEIS: (spoken)
I think I should fetch the captain and the militia

JOHN: (spoken)
No! I can handle this. We’re doing well!
I'll make more money than father ever dreamed!
44? Thank you. 46, anyone? 46? No? 46?
Going once, twice? Sold, 44 pounds. Sir, congratulations

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The Auction lyrics from Amazing Grace musical

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