Amazing Grace - A Chance for Me Lyrics

Broadway Production 2015
Amazing Grace the Musical - A Chance for Me Lyrics

"A Chance for Me" is a song from the Broadway musical Amazing Grace performed by Tom Hewitt (Captain Newton).

What is the worth of a fortune at times like this?
Would that I could undo mistakes that I have made?
Or buy back the opportunities I’ve missed?
Now who is the victim in all of these games I’ve played?

Sometimes it seems, I’ve spent a lifetime
Pursuing things that just won’t last
What I believed would bring fulfillment
Has become the chain that holds me fast

I’ve wasted all these years
Choked back a thousand tears
And stared in the face of my darkest fears
I banished from my mind
The pain of those I left behind
But now I must see
If there’s still a chance for me
If I look back on my decisions
These fateful things than I have done
Have I pursued my own ambitions
And forced these dreams and nightmares on my son

For someday soon the lord could come
And demand my life from me
Everything I’ve worked for
Would become a memory

All the pride and achievement
Would fall around his feet
And these eyes that have been blinded
For so long would finally see
If there’s a chance for me

For one who can clearly see
That there must be more than prosperity
Can I ever return to these bridges I have burned?
My heart’s only plea
That god will decree
That there’s still a chance for me.

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A Chance for Me Lyrics from Amazing Grace musical

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