Noble Sissle - Pickaninny Shoes Lyrics

An African American musician and lyricist
Noble Sissle - Pickaninny Shoes Lyrics

Southern scenes unfoldin’,
A darky sat a-holdin’
His pickaninny shoes.
From silent meditation
He started conversation
With pickaninny shoes.
In these “Rock-a-by-O-Baby” ways,
He talks of “Rock-a-by-O-Baby” days:

Pickaninny shoes,
Pickaninny shoes. . .
How well I remember when I was a lad.
You were the only true pals that I had.
When boys would chide me,
You’d always guide me
Safely back home
A-yellin’ for dad.

Pickaninny shoes,
You saved me a many a bruise,
And though you musty and dusty
And wrinkled and worn. . .
Though you graceless and lace-less
And tattered and torn. . .
Yet if I had to choose,
I’d rather a fortune to lose
Than my pickaninny shoes.

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Pickaninny Shoes Lyrics Noble Sissle