Noble Sissle - Love Will Find a Way Lyrics

An African American musician and lyricist
Noble Sissle - Love Will Find a Way Lyrics

The song is written by Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake from Shuffle Along the musical.

Come, dear, and don’t let our faith weaken.
Let’s keep our love fires burning bright.

Your love for me is heav’nly beacon,
Guiding me through love’s darkest night.

Don’t start minding or fault-finding,
No matter how dark one’s path may grow.

Fate won’t hurry.
Well, don’t worry.
We’ll just keep our hearts aglow.

Love will find a way,
Though skies now are gray.
Love like ours can never be ruled.
Cupid’s not schooled that way.
Dry each tear-dimmed eye.
Clouds will soon roll by.
Though fate may lead us astray,
My dearie, mark what I say:
Love will find a way.

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Love Will Find a Way Lyrics Noble Sissle