Noble Sissle - Bandana Days Lyrics

An African American musician and lyricist
Noble Sissle - Bandana Days Lyrics

The song is written by Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake from Shuffle Along the musical.

Why, the dearest daysof my life were bandana days,
Bandana days,
Though filled with turmoil, trouble, and strife.
Dearest mem’ries will live always. . . .

In those dear old bandana days,
Cane-and-cotton-ne’er-forgotten bandana days . . .
And in those quaint old bandana ways,
When our dads were courting our dear mammies,
They were sure some bashful sammies . . .

And in all their bandana plays:
Banjos strummin’,
They’d be hummin’ bandana lays,
And in the pale moonlight
They’d swing left and right
In those dear old bandana days.

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Bandana Days Lyrics Noble Sissle