Newsies - The Bottom Line Lyrics

Broadway production 2012
Newsies the Musical - The Bottom Line Lyrics

PULITZER (spoken):
Gentlemen, we need to sell more papers.
There's answer right before your eyes,
But you're just not thinking this through.

Nunzio knows when he's cutting my hair,
Trim a bit here and then trim a bit there.
Just a modest adjustment can fatten the bottom line.

BUNSEN (spoken):
What if we cut back personnel?

SEITZ (spoken):
How about a few salary trims?

BUNSEN (spoken):
We could lower the price of the paper.

PULITZER (spoken):
Bankrupting me even faster!
Let me try again:

Shaving is tricky: the razor should float.
Shave me too close and you may slit throat.
It's the simplest solutions that bolster the bottom line.

BUNSEN (spoken):
I've got it! If we charge the newsies sixty cents per
hundred instead of fifty...

SEITZ (spoken):
..They'd have to sell ten more papers just
To earn the same amount as always.

PULITZER (spoken):
My thought exactly. It's genius.

HANNAH (spoken):
It's gonna be awfully rough on those children.

PULITZER (spoken):
They'll be learning a real life lesson in economics.
I couldn't offer them a better education if they were my own.

Give me a week and
I'll train them to be like an army that's marching to war.
Proud of themselves and so grateful to me,
They'll be begging to pay even more!
When there's dirt on our shoes,
Boys, for god's sake, relax!
Why throw them out?
All we need is some wax.
Listen well to these barbershop lessons,
For they'll see you through.

When you're stuck in the muck you'll be fine.
You'll erase any trace of decline.

With a trim

And a snip

And a shine!

And the pow'r of the press, yes! Once again is mine!

(spoken) The price for the newsies goes up in the morning!

(sung) Just a few common cents,
Gents, that's the bottom line!

Every new outcome it's income for you,
Thanks to that bottom line!

[Thanks to Jacques for lyrics]
[Thanks to Brooke Weldon for corrections]

Newsies the Musical The Bottom Line Song Lyrics

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Broadway production 2012
Newsies the Musical Lyrics

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