Newsies - The Bottom Line (Reprise)

Broadway production 2012
Newsies the Musical - The Bottom Line Reprise Lyrics

Time's running out, kid, so what do you say?
Cowboy or convict, I win either way.
Your abject surrender was always the bottom in.

Escort out guest to the cellar so he might reflect in solitude.

Too bad you've no job,
Jack, but you did resign.
Too bad you've no family,
But you can't have mine.
Be glad you're alive, boy,
I'd say that's the bottom line.

Like the Pied Piper you know what to play

Till those kids all believed you were right.

Lucky for them all but one got away.

They may not be so lucky tonight...

[Thanks to Matilda for lyrics]
[Thanks to Brooke for corrections]

Newsies the Musical The Bottom Line (Reprise) Song Lyrics

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Broadway production 2012
Newsies the Musical Lyrics

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